I-ACME (Dili camp) was founded in 2001, is an innovative spirit of the globalization of high-tech enterprises, located in Changzhou, Nanjing days new impetus to entrepreneurship development center, covering over 300,000 square meters, is the country's largest electronics Products manufacturing base. High-tech companies have been committed to the security of smart product development and production, in a "professional and concentrate on" the spirit of upholding the people-centered objectives, the introduction of high-quality technical personnel to form a complete product development and production System, and customers in over 30 countries and regions.
Typical products
  Company products are the leading smart card locks, micro-smart locks, digital locks, wireless alarm sauna lock, software development, such as more than 10 types of products and systems widely used in hotels, hotel, bath center, apartments, offices and other places Intelligent Community , Quality of products and services by users of the widely recognized, is the electronic door locks in the strength of industry, advanced technology, superior professional services companies.
  Companies adhere to the principle of the supremacy of quality, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality certification system, the Ministry of Public Security product is superior to national security products implementing the standards. In the purchase of raw materials, process, product design and product testing, and other areas have implemented strict quality management, Really provide "high-quality, low-cost" products. I-ACME people are creating the pride of China's electronics technology, we invite you witnessed I-ACME a better tomorrow!
  I-ACME is Innovation-Acme (innovation, limit) short. Innovation is the source of wisdom, I-ACME Innovation is the driving force for progress, the ultimate I-ACME is the constant dynamic development.
Corporate direction
  I-ACME every day in innovation, attention to customers, employees and the community to create lasting value. "Technology-based, win-win world" is the I-ACME perseverance and the pursuit of a dream. I-ACME will continue adhering to the "innovation, Wisdom, the extreme, trust, "the spirit of philosophy, electronic door locks truly become a" high-tech, high security, high-value, high-enjoyment "of products and efforts.
We believe that we have the strength to the vast number of consumers a taste of technological progress brought about by worries of services, the ability for customers to provide professional solutions for the electronic door locks and have the confidence to provide the perfect product. Link between past and future, I-ACME and Work with you to create high-tech electronic locks tomorrow, Thank you for your I-ACME, as always, the attention and support.
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